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  2. This sounds amazing 🙂 My mother is in charge of my Kindle account and while I don’t think she’d like me buying a book with this title, I’ll do it anyway. The reviews sound great. And I respect the views of Sheldon Lee Compton in particular ever since I read his flash fiction story “Ouroboros” in The Molotov Cocktail. Amazing. I’ll let you know what I think of the book. It will be on Kindle eventually?

    • Thank you for your comment and especially for your enthusiasm. I’m very pleased with these previews by writers and editors that I respect greatly. That goes in particular for Sheldon: even though we’re separated by time, space and culture, I have always felt a particular bond with him. When I read his stories, the humanity makes me tingle with joy.

      As for the title of my collection, I anticipate that some people may not like it. Your mother, or anyone’s mother or grandmother for that matter, won’t object to what is actually in the book, however. Quite frankly, when I picked the title (which is the title of one of the 80 stories), I figured that there would be more people likely to look at the book because of the contentious s-word.

      As for the Kindle: I strongly suspect there will be an e-formatted version of the book. Since the Kindle can be used as a reader for various formats, it should work in any case. It’s a good question however, which I need to discuss with my publisher. However, I recommend the print book, if only because it might gain in value as a collectors’ item 🙂

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  16. This is the sentence I would love to hear: “thank you fr your sperm”
    So gratifying!
    Is there a German translation of your book, I wasn’t able to find any?

    • Hi German, thank you for your comment which made me smile: “gratifying” indeed. I’m not sure I’d go down the “sperm” road for another title – It’s been too time-consuming to explain that this is NOT porn. Anyway, to answer your question: no, there is no German translation at present. Though I have translated many of the pieces myself already & several exist in parallel versions in English and German (due to my writing process in which I mix the languages frequently: you can read this & more in the interview that is also in the book). Hope this helps! Tell me if you like the book!

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