Reading my own work. 

Selfie With Comet (5’19”) | For Carol (1’13”) | Fox (2’20”) | The Serious Writer Occupies Wall Street (2’48”) | Mother’s Day (4’28”) | Gyoza Express (3’06”) | Reading For Writers (1’39”) | The Serious Writer Is But A Story In A Story (5’31”) | German & English: Auf dem Amt/At the ministry (2’30”) | Grapple (1’02”) | Cahiers du Cinema (6’03”) | German or EnglishHänsel und Gretel (1’30”) | The Serious Writer and His Penis (2’48”) | Little People (6’15”) | Asthmatic (2’19”) | Rites of Spring (9’18”) | Flatulence (2’56”) | At a Welsh Wedding (9’36”) | German or English: La Pointe Courte (1’20”) | Acknowledgements


speakers cornerReading the work of others. 

A Small Boy And Others (Henry James) — review | A Tourist In Siberia (Carol Novack) | Lust (Susan Gibb) | Lawn Clippings (Matthew J Robinson) | Christina Heppel (Marcelle Heath) | Parts (xTx) | The Body Ricardo (Sheldon Lee Compton) | Unknown to me (Michael J Solender) | 24 hour viewing (Meg Tuite) | All The People In These Pictures Are Dead Now (Frank Hinton) | Excerpt from: The Snow Whale (John Minichillo) | The Color of Mangoes (James Lloyd Davis) | Like A Pop Song This Is The Head Of A Sunflower (Darryl Price) | husk of hare (Christopher Allen) | Fugue State (Sam Rasnake) | Raison D’Etre (Derek Osborne) | Invasion (Cynthia Reeser) | Mother Tongue (Nora Nadjarian)

Credits: For Carol (Mad Hatters Review); Fox (Necessary Fiction); The Serious Writer Occupies Wall Street (OccupyWriters & Santa Fe Literary Review, to appear); Gyoza Express (New Sun Rising); Reading for Writers (Full of Crow); The Serious Writer Is But A Story In A Story (4’33”); Auf den Amt/At The Ministry (qarrtsiluni); Grapple (Metazen); Cahiers du Cinema (Blue Fifth Review); Hänsel und Gretel (Camroc Press Review); The Serious Writer And His Penis (Metazen); Little People (Emprise Review); Asthmatic (A-Minor); Rites of Spring (kill author); Flatulence (Istanbul Literary Review); At a Welsh Wedding (Metazen). Collected in TYFYS.

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