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The fantastic Metazen Christmas Charity E-Book 2010 contains my cycle of 24 short stories each in a different time zone on Christmas Day – “All Of Us Everywhere” – as well as wonderful pieces from more than 40 other talented  writers (12/2010). [#43]

« 23:46 hrs — Kir­iti­mati, Christ­mas Island. I am a bomb but I mean you no harm. That I still am here to tell this, is a mir­a­cle …  »

You Said It – a short piece about a man who screwed up and a wife who doesn’t take it well, published by a new place of literary upholstery, the quirky Used Furniture Review (12/2010). [#42]

« … it was Friday and I felt as if I’d mislaid five days like a set of spare keys: not that I needed those five days back, and after all, it wasn’t anybody else’s fault, but that’s almost the entire time it took to create the world if you believe it. »

First Love is a small token of love – published by the fledgling Pure Slush, a mag for ‘flash…without the wank” (12/2010) with their December theme “Beginnings”: everything’s upside down in Australia where Pure Slush hails from. Except love. There’s also a podcast by Finnegan Flawnt. [#41]

« They tore themselves away and, sighing soundlessly, each in his corner, got dressed, eyeing each other shyly. »

The killer mag of our times, a thoroughly modern millie among the literary online magazines,  > kill author, published La Pointe Courte in German and in English, complete with podcasts (issue 10, 12/2010). It’s Blitzkrieg all over again. [#40]

« Your hair, your fair hair, Elle, your long fair hair, so new. So old. Your eye: blue. Touch me, touch me, touch me not before the colored leaves bark up the trees. »

I am more than chuffed to be in Thunderclap! Issue Four “All you need is love” (12/2010) with my storyMen on Mars.  This has long been one of my favorite funny love flash pieces – and the starting point for half an (unfinished) novel, too.  You can buy this in print or as a free PDF. [#39]

« Shakespeare would’ve been more poignant. But my love was photovoltaic, not Elizabethan. »

Featured Writer in the blue blue Blue Fifth Review (11/2010), a magazine of poetry edited by Sam Rasnake. Includes complete version of Cahiers du Cinema with my notes on the piece. In 2011, BFR will move. With podcast. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize. [#38]

« the idea of changing one’s sex scares me. i dream of copulating elephants: their sperm turns into a giant white lake. »

My retelling of “Hänsel and Gretel“, originally written in German, published in Camroc Press Review. (11/2010). Here: podcasts.) [#37]

« The heart is a limekiln and it always burns. Gretel is stuck inside: sharp nosed, short sighted, she carries the corners of her mouth a little higher than you would expect in this land of the drooping moods … »

“A tribute to the pope, “10:46 Vatican City, Santa Sede” from my 24-hour at Christmas cycle published in the divine Divine Dirt Quarterly [defunct since 2011,alas], a “theological tabloid” (10/2010). [#36]

« The Holy Father receives his first cheque card as part of a cam­paign to mod­ernise the Vat­i­can. He insists on leav­ing his quar­ters in the early evening alone, under cover, to fetch money all by him­self. »

Awakening of the young artist in “The Vessel” published in the artsy Up the Staircase Quarterly (10/2010). With podcast (5’42”). [#35]

« The world was a secret, an umbrella for even greater secrets, and Billy himself felt like one at times, a secret that he could not even spell but he knew it was there and he was bent on getting it out there, colored with marks of his own making. »

The sugar-sweet story “Rose Petals” and its smelly substitute “Flatulence” published in Istanbul Literary Review, the best stories on the Bosporus (10/2010) [#34]

« It was a small world with many rules, every thing signifying an action or the suppression of an action, and quite possibly also the thought leading to such an action. »

Freedom Ties/Schriftstücke” and “The Schmock” (in German and English) in SAND, Berlin’s English Literary Journal (09/2010). [#32/#33]

« The Schmock greeted his fate with perfect equanimity. He’d begun the day by shooting six Chechnyan gangsters and now he was going to have a hearty breakfast. »

The Serious Writer and His Penis is a ‘Best of Metazen’ story including reviews and an essay in Metazen (09/2010) [#31]

« The serious writer has never measured the length of his penis. He didn’t see the need because he knew its size and form depended entirely on the woman. »

Barbara” is in the 1st issue of 52|250 Quarterly, the “best of” from the global writing project 52|250 – a year of flash (09/2010). [#30]

« This is my last cigarette, said the serious writer more to himself than to anyone else: he’d pulled the shutters down, switched off the phone and sat in front of an empty desk inhaling. »

Surprise published as a nasty meta front page story in my favourite metazine, Metazen (09/2010). [#29]

« My friend Morgan Rogen said some very insightful things about my sex life the other day. She said I looked like someone who needs to get down and dirty with more than one woman every day if possible at all. »

Little People“, a concerned collection with podcast has been published in the imperial Emprise Review (09/2010). Rose to temporary fame as “recommended story” at fictionaut in April 2011. [#28]

« Today someone flashed me at the park. It made all flowers seem irrelevant. It was a woman – she was neither pretty nor ugly just naked: she turned up in front of me and stood there unsmiling, her arms, hands and fingers spread, her legs wide apart,  like a frill-necked lizard ghost. »

Asthmatic“, a very personal piece has been published in the secretly major A-minor Magazine (08/2010). [#27]

« On August 12, I realised that my asthma was an unwillingness to take life. That I was alive nevertheless, and remained so, was, for me, one of the many paradoxes of existence, strewn across our path as unsolvable riddles, tough mind candy to chew on. »

Family Feud published in Monkeybicycle (08/2010). [#26]

« It was later said that the cutting off of cousin Kolko’s head caused the feud between the two families that would eventually end with their mutual extinction, … »

Publications as Finnegan Flawnt (2009-2010) in elimaeBlue Print Review, > kill authorMetazenfourpaperlettersBullLitSnackDivine Dirt QuarterlyFoundling ReviewHobo PancakesRejection DigestAntique Children and elsewhere.

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