GISELA is a mosaic novel based on the life of Gisela of Bavaria (ca. 985-1065 A.D.), published by Folded Word Press, NH, on 30 June 2017. You can order the sustainable print edition online here — both ebook and global print version are also available at Amazon everywhere. The global [print] edition includes a [free] Kindle edition. Here is the publisher’s website. & here is the Facebook page.

Sheldon Lee Compton has written a lovely review for GISELA (published in Enclave). From the back-cover:

From fragments of history, Marcus Speh captures the mysterious spiritual journey of a woman who lived when only men’s lives were recorded: Gisela, a Bavarian princess married off to be the first queen of Hungary, then a prisoner, then an abbess and —


Hot off the press.

some eight centuries later — a saint. As a child capable of communing with horses, our Gisela realizes “her body is connected to every other body,” and “glory…only a reflection in a puddle of words.” Never losing faith with her inner light even as her life ends, she is “strangely serene and happy to embrace a blue beginning.” To read the story of Gisela is to discover a magic that will never stop “as long as the sun shines and the stars turn.”

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