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My novella “GISELA will be published by Folded Word Press in 2017 – Pre-order now.

Includes my story “The Preparation” (pp. 57-71). Now available in paperback at Another Country, Berlin, and as an e-book at Amazon. See also Goodreads. Ed. by Victoria Gosling. (Excerpt)

»In 2012, The Reader Berlin and ‘one of the world’s greatest bookshops’ (lonely planet), invited writers to share their stories featuring Another Country. The judges were Sharmaine Lovegrove, Kenneth Macleod and Jen Hewson. This book is an anthology of the winning entries, a showcase of new writing talent and a tribute to a very special venue. With further contributions by Sophia Raphaeline, owner of Another Country, and Reader Berlin founder, Victoria Gosling.« (From: back cover)

small cover book TYFYSMy collection of short fiction, “Thank You For Your Sperm” (MadHat Press, ISBN 978-0988549043) is now available at Amazon (see also Goodreads):

“To read Thank You for Your Sperm is to embark on an extended journey where nothing at all goes as planned, yet everything, every chance meeting and wrong turn and misadventure somehow, gloriously, morphs into the miraculous. This collection is a wonder, the product of one of the most original and startling minds operating in literary fiction today. Read this book, take the journey, but proceed slowly. Breathe deep. Miss nothing.”

—Kathy Fish, author of ‘Together We Can Bury It’

Cover photo: Diane Marie.

Cover photo: Diane Marie.

My story “Mr Thumb”/”Herr Häwelmann” (transl. Carlye Birkenkrahe) is in the Metazen Christmas Ebook (here are recordings in German & English) — watch the trailer. Price: donation via Paypal for charity. Contributing authors: Dennis Cooper, Sara Lippmann, Noah Cicero, Socrates Adams-Florou, Marcus Speh, Ben Tanzer, s.g.anwyll, Greg Santos, Mel Bosworth, Madison Moon, Paul Axl Askew, James Claffey, Robert Vaughan, Extie Ecks, eds. Frank Hinton & the Metazen gang…

“Bending Light Into Verse—In Those Days We” by Jennifer Tomaloff (2012) contains my Sci-Fi stories “Friends” and “Rokovoko”. The online book is available at Issuu. Paperback version to appear.

«IN THOSE DAYS WE is an attempt to look backward into our collective past, and to make flesh of the ghosts lost within the borders of old photographs.»

New Sun Rising—Stories for Japan, Raging Aardvark Publishing (2012), available as paperback and for Kindle.

«New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan is an anthology of stories, flash fiction, poems, haibun, haiku and artwork and photography donated by over 60 creators from all over the world to support those in Japan still affected by the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami and earthquake. All monies go the Japanese Red Cross.» — Contains my story “Gyoza Express”. (> goodreads)

Pachydermini 4” from Turtleneck Press (2012), ebook $2.00, contains my story “My Friend Salman Rushdie“.   The series editor Brian Warfield says:

“Our aesthetic tends toward the strange, weird, unusual, extraordinary, macabre, humorous, transcendent, thought-provoking, life-changing, miraculous.” (> goodreads)

Get Lit, Round 1: Short Fiction“, anthology Atticus Press (2012); ebook, $0.00: “A compilation of 19 stories that were published in the first 20 issues of Atticus Review (May 17 through September 27, 2011).” —Includes my short story “THE LAST STORY“. (> goodreads)Get Lit, Round 1: Flash Fiction“, Atticus Press (2012); ebook, $0.00:

“Atticus Review compiles 23 pieces of flash fiction from its first four months of weekly issues.” —Includes my flash “BEFORE THE BLOODBATH“. (> goodreads.)

Exquisite Quartet Anthology 2011, ed. Meg Tuite, 2012; paperback, $12.00 — contains “Posse“, co-authored by me:

“Exquisite Quartet Anthology for 2011. Thirteen stories from Dec. 2010 through Dec. 2011 published in Used Furniture Review. A quartet of writers each month write a collaborative story. Edited and co-authored by Meg Tuite.” (> goodreads)

fwriction : review—Year One” 2012, anthology, ed. Danny Goodman; ebook, $ 0.00—includes my story “Mother Burning“.

«A collected anthology of writing published by online literary journal fwriction : review in 2011».   (> goodreads)

Pay attention: a river of stones, anthology, ed. Fiona Robyns, Kaspalita, 2011; paperback, $10.82 — includes one “stone” from my “Secret Brush Strokes“:

“The challenge: to notice one thing properly every day during January ’11, and to write it down. The result: more than 350 people across the world paying more attention to what was around them, and writing small stones. The birth of a new community of daily writers. A new movement – a river of stones. This book contains a selection of these engaged moments, written both by experienced poets and complete beginners, and a guide to writing your own small stones.” — (> goodreads)

Valentine Day Massacre, anthology, ed. Susan Tepper, Červená Barva Press, 2011; paperback, $7.00 — includes my story “Rose Petals“:

“Because I am a fool for love, I couldn’t resist starting a Valentine Day Massacre challenge at Fictionaut. The result, as you see, is a complex assortment of printed goodies (white, milk, and dark chocolate) dedicated to valentines everywhere. —Susan Tepper”

(> goodreads)

A Metazen Christmas, ed. Frank Hinton, Metazen Charity E Book 2010; ebook, $0.00—includes my cycle of 24 Christmas Day stories “All Of Us Everywhere“:

“I know, I know… “E” book. It is a strange thing. They are different than regular books. But this is special. This is a charity E-book. Also, we’ve brought together some of the most amazing, upcoming independent authors to produce some real nice literary Christmas shit. —Frank Hinton” — (> goodreads)

Thunderclap Four — Love, by Thunderclap Press, 2010; paperback, $11.25—includes my story “Men on Mars“:

“Thunderlcap! Magazine Issue Four is about taking back LOVE in the name of poetry. With featured writers such as Howie Good, Marcus Speh, Len Kuntz, Murray Dunlap, Roxane Gay and many, many more. With the lack of contemporary love poetry being written, this issue of Thunderclap! helps to fill that hole one word at a time.”  — (> goodreads)

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