The Reader 2012Micro Award 2012 | Pushcart (2011, 2010) | Best of the Net 2011 (1, 2 ) | kill author Guest Editor | Million Writers Award (2011, 2010) | Paris Literary Prize 2011 | Best of Metazen 2010Metazen Contest 2009

My short story “The Preparation” was shortlisted for the The Reader Berlin’s 2012 Short Story Competition. This is a classical story fed on the same mysterious substance that ran in the veins of Poe. It’s a good feeling to advance in the city where you live.

Photo: inside of “Another Country”, a magical Berlin English bookstore and lending library, which is featured in the story.

My flash “Swingers” was nominated for a Micro Award 2012 by Metazen. Contrary to what may be your first impression, this story is not anti-Swedish. I live in an IKEA world like all of us. The male fantasy described here has an autobiographical background, but to say anything else would be disloyal towards my teenage self. Thanks to the editors for selecting my work.

My flash fiction “Three Questions” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2011 by Wilderness House Literary Review (fiction ed. Susan Tepper).  These are stories from another place altogether, you may call it an absurd place. I’d like to think that they fully reveal themselves when you look at them askance, ambush them as it were. The three questions are “Why”, “How” and “When”. They parallel the questions one might ask in the course of a human life, with increasing urgency.

My prose poem “Cahiers du Cinema” was nominated for a Best of the Net Award 2011 (Sundress Publications) by Blue Fifth Review, ed. Sam Rasnake & Michelle Elvy. The story is a poetic, timelined translation of some autobiographical fragments into a modern-day vampire tale. On the BFR site, you can also read my commentary on the genesis of the text. An earlier, shorter version was posted at Fictionaut.

My story “In The Nude“, which draws on the time when I lived in Trieste, Italy, was nominated for a Best of the Net Award 2011 (Sundress Publications) by Pure Slush, ed. Matt Potter, in the “creative non-fiction” category. The cnf label helps distancing some rather painful memories linked to that period of my life. The text was commissioned by Matt Potter for Pure Slush & I’m grateful for his initiative.

In February 2011, the literary e-zine kill author asked me to be their guest editor for issue eleven named after Raymond Carver, and I wrote a collage made up of bits and pieces gathered from all contributions to the issue. That way, I didn’t have to play favorites and could still engage in some light word play.

Rites of Spring“, once brought to life by Finnegan Flawnt, published in >kill author, has been named a “storySouth Million Writers Notable Story of 2010“. Also named was my friend Frank Hinton‘s story ‘You Enjoy Myself‘. “Rites of Spring” was the first flash collection that I put together – and it still is one of my own favorite pieces, I can’t even exactly say why. Perhaps it’s the final image that gets to me. Perhaps it’s spring itself, or the shades of Stravinsky.

My story “Asthmatic“, rife with autobiographical elements, was nominated for the 2011 Million Writers Award by A-Minor magazine, ed. Sheldon Lee Compton — alongside fine prose by Thomas O’Connell and David Ackley. Sheldon, one of my favorite writers, has gradually built A-Minor into an prime online wordshop. It is fitting that a-minor happens to be my favorite musical scale.

My novella “The Camp” was longlisted for the Paris Literary Prize 2011, organised by Shakespeare & Company, Paris. Entries were limited to 30,000 words. The longlist is based on a submission of the novella’s first 3000 words only. The judges are: Breyten Breytenbach, Erica Wagner, Darin Strauss and Dennis Loy Johnson of Melville House Publishers.

My prose poem “Cahiers du Cinema” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2010 by Blue Fifth Review, ed. Sam Rasnake. The story is a poetic, timelined translation of some autobiographical fragments into a modern-day vampire tale. BFR has had a major facelift in 2011 and was joined by the wonderful Michelle Elvy as editor. This is one of the finest and most intelligent literary online publications balancing micro prose, poetry and amazing art.

The Seri­ous Writer and His Penis was the ‘Best of Metazen’ story 2010 includ­ing reviews by Sheldon Lee Compton and Katrina Gray and an essay by me in Metazen. ‘The Serious Writer’ is a character that I created in 2009 through a number flash stories. The publication of the serious writer penis story lead to a storm of imitations in early 2010 at the fictionaut community site.

My flash “Four Fundamentalist Teenagers in Front of a Metropolitan Railway Car” (published under the pseudonym Finnegan Flawnt) won the Metazen “Image to Text Conversion” contest 2009, selected by Frank Hinton. This was one of the first contests of Metazen which has since grown itself from a pimply teenager into an uber-cool operation. Check out Frank’s cheekbones in the picture.

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