«Marcus Speh is a thrilling writer, an international force, a swashbuckler and cafe quick sketch artist, a boulevardier, a man of many faces (and at one point, dual literary personalities) who takes chances, gets laughs, raises hackles or metaphysical questions, challenges everything, upsets carts and still makes the world a finer, funnier, more poignant place with his gifts. He is deeply, widely read, and what was called, in the days of Randall Jarrell, a man of letters. Highly recommended!»

— James Robison, author of The Illustrator and Pushcart Prize Winner (1996, 2012)

maugham-writingSince 2009, my short fiction has been published widely both in print and online magazines, nominated and shortlisted for various awards and prizes. My debut collection of short fiction, “Thank You For Your Sperm“, was published by MadHat Press in 2013. A mosaic novel “Gisela” was published by Folded Word in 2017.

Finnegan Flawnt (†)

I am also a particle physicist, professor, web head, father, former fencer and paratrooper, avatar, founder of the legendary Kaffe in Katmandu, book nut, storyteller and active member of several literary communities, most notably Fictionaut. I live in Berlin with my American wife, Carlye and our daughter Taffimai Metallumai.

Photo above: W. Somerset Maugham, Villa Mauresque,  Saint-Raphaël (1963).
†) Finnegan Flawnt was my nom de plume from 2008-2010.

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    • Hi Bill, thank you for stopping by. That is one dim past, particle physics! I’m delighted that you enjoy my flash, even more so because I’ve stopped writing any! Cheers!

  2. Call me behind the times; I still use tomatoes. Is it just me or is it very weird to add bacon to a hamburger sandwich? I just don’t get the appeal–and I chuckle as I say this; I’m aware it may just be that I’m not onto something everybody else is 😛

      • Like so much else I must concede, the answer here is: I do not know. Somehow it was on my mind as I was writing that last night and there the twain met…? Or perhaps I could blame the time (which always seems to shoulder so much of our ramblings and excess!): it was way past when I should have been asleep.

        By the way, I like the look of Ulysses, thanks for pointing me in that direction. I’ll more seriously consider what you said (not that I didn’t before) because while daunting it may always be, it’s in somewhat of a different form now. The way you mapped it out seems so much more do-able to me as a creature of consistency. And was it you who wrote something about being in love with words? Oh, I smiled a lot when I read that!

        Kind regards,


  3. Oh and sorry, hope I am not clogging your page, but I just saw someone else’s mention of particle physicist. I just read a book about Richard III being brought to our time via something most of us would call a “time machine.” Would particle physics be part of that process? What do you make of all that?

    Hope you are having a  great morning. 🙂

    • You’re not clogging! My past as a particle physicist ist clouded in mystery, even to me. I’m very fond of time machines—and in particle experiments (very high energies, very small particles) time tends to behave differently, something that’s always fascinated me. (Summer reading on the philosophy of time: Henri Bergson). Otherwise my morning is great: I love connecting with readers of my pixels! Enjoy the show!

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