GISELA, my new book was published this month by Folded Word Press. GISELA tells the story of Gisela of Bavaria, first Queen of Hungary, who lived from 985-1065 A.D. The book is available in multiple print and digital editions – for details, go to the publisher’s site: Gisela: Princess, Empress, Abbess, Saint. Below you find a short message from Gisela herself & a few additional resources:

Facebook page

The Facebook page contains various animated promo videos, photos, excerpts from the books and other assorted bits and pieces. Facebook caters to the hoarder of digital paraphernalia. If you can dig it, you will dig this page.

Author interview

For the launch, the lovely Sarah Gibson from Folded Word Press interviewed me about the writing of the book. You can find the full text of the interview alongside Sarah’s introduction on Folded Word’s Blog: “In Depth: An Interview with Marcus Speh“. You can also watch and hear my answers in these animations.

Promotional videos

In the run-up to the launch date (30 June 2017), I produced these promotional videos: I taped Gisela appearing in a talk show, the book announcement in a morning show, and a tête-à-tête between Gisela and myself … and one of my all-time philosopher-kings, Søren Aabye Kierkegaard. There are also two videos based on the book itself, dramatisations of the chapters “At Sundown” and “The Spider Goddess“.

This book has long been in the making. I am grateful to family, friends and my publisher for fanning the flame and for finally making it happen. I hope you enjoy the book — let me know if you do!

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