Easter Essence

At Easter the common folks bring their eggs to the Lord. The lidless leveret lies in the grave, its open eyes directed upwards in death. The egg goes into the Easter bread: it is blamed on the lagomorph. Mixed images: resurrection and spawning, the hare as chicken, the sidestepping and egg painting, the instinct to flee before the crucifixion and after, Saturday’s search for the buried, the Hidden, and above all the sweetness rising from the sadness like a naked fog and dissolving on the tongue when the chocolate egg melts. Stubbornly we move to safety from the power of the old pictures. Rites and processions take place in backyards: their participants are like ghosts. Sung incantations that connect heaven and earth vanish as soon as the first warmth of spring arrives. What is the essence? What is the truth of our time? What forms the center of the egg whose center is an egg?

[German original: Versuch über Osternen français: Essence de Pâques]


2 thoughts on “Easter Essence

  1. Beautiful, but not all the hares are dead. When the fox has eaten the chickens and the people have grown fat on eggs, they’ll show us how to run.

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