55 superheroes

(for Carlye)

The man without a stomach who digests with his skin. The five Asian women who, as individuals, have lost all their senses, but when they hold hands, they can see, smell, hear, taste, feel. The fat American woman who can throw herself under a Berlin tram without suffering any damages (except when she gets up afterwards she swears like a trooper). The African couple who roar like a lion and his lioness. The Siberian mouth harpist who plays beautifully without harp. The ten single-toed men from Atlanta, Georgia, who are married to ten women from Oracle, Ohio, who have no feet at all. All mormons, but especially four of them, a baby girl, a teenage boy, a grown-up woman and an old man, who would turn a salt lake into a blooming meadow if God commanded them to. Six Albanian peasants who speak with the lost tongues of Atlantis. A woman from California in Berlin, who can bring her avatars to life: when she switches off her computers, the avatars become silvery fish and are released into the river from where, after a long journey, they reach the open sea. Fifteen fishing Polish women who can walk on the water. The boy from Singapore whose sweat turns into perfume. The Australian man with calluses at his feet that are one thousand years old. A tree in Chile who once was a cowboy from Texas. A Roman who can bleed from his feet when he prays with fervour. Three Irish truckers whose hands turn grown women into virgins. A prostitute in Lima, Peru, and another one in Greenland who know the future of their clients. The immortal man who wandered the earth for six thousand years as an Egyptian, a Jew, a Greek philosopher, a Catholic priest, and, lately, a little tired from all the walking, a New York bartender with a great sense of humour.

[Deutsche Übersetzung]

Image: Edward Hopper, “Nighthawks” (1942)

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