MoleculeMen BerlinerOsthafen

After many years of war, Men and Giants finally reached an agreement: the Giants would stay in the cities, and the Men would withdraw to the countryside. Because of the bloodshed, neither race wished to see much of the other. The Giants never wanted to lay eyes upon Men, and the Men simply forgot about the Giants. Everyone had better things to do and the conflict that had occupied the world for so long became a lost memory. Many generations passed as quickly as eyelashes grow. — One day, a Giant-child accidentally opened a door in the wall that protected the city from the outside. The child stepped through the door and looked out. It screamed, quickly ran back and slammed the door shut. What did you see? said the friends of the child, is the countryside crawling with little creatures? No, said the child, not at all. They’re all giants, they’ve become enormous. At the same time, a Man-child found the door to a city, and went through it to look at the Giants. The child came back looking disappointed. What is it? said its friends, didn’t you find the Giants scary? No, said the child, not at all. There are no Giants, they’ve shrunk to our size. And this was the beginning of humanity everywhere.

Photo: Wikimedia. The Molecule Men, giant statue by Jonathan Borofsky in front of the Osthafen of Berlin, Germany, served as prompt for this story.

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