summer feet

A great advantage of having lived a for few summers already is that you can imagine August heat even if there is no heat in August. Another wondrous accompaniment of summer is the appearance of human feet. As every year, I notice how much more vulnerable feet look than the rest of their owners. Much more than hands, which are often used to fend off, hide, manipulate, and so on. Hands, for most people, are tools with their own role in building and maintaining a persona. By comparison, feet are innocent by–standers. In northern countries, they are hidden most of the year; feet are busy are fighting fungi and maintaining their straight shape against the fierce interest of fashion, or poverty, or neglect. I spend a fair amount of traveling time on the tube and on the street looking at feet. From my observations I deduce pains, passions, and predilections of the person attached to a pair of feet. Some I’ve heard place more trust in the reading of butts, but people are more peculiar about their butt than about their hooves. Some of the feet I encounter I’d like to shake as if they were hands, like saying welcome. Others make me feel sad, and I don’t even know why. I’m not even going to start with toenail polish here. Whoever said that I eyes are the window of the soul, evidently paid no heed to the heels. Enjoy the basement views.

First posted at 100 days of summer. Photo: “lily feet” of a high caste Chinese lady, 1911. See also: One Week On The Happy Isles, A-Minor Magazine.

2 thoughts on “summer feet

    • As I like to say without, to my knowledge, anyone ever repeating it: what can you appreciate if you can’t appreciate the foot? My summer bliss continues as we speak, but I’m already counting the days until the beauty in the basement will be covered again for winter…

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