sky high

A spontaneous, unplanned little controlled drawing is like a dream memory, which is why I can never be mad at myself for its form, content, text or as associations. Please be seated, stretch out your feet comfortably, raise your head up to the ceiling, and watch whatever drama is playing on your internal stage right now. As I’m writing this I’m watching construction workers making a maximum of noise in the neighborhood. I presume that at least some of their motivation is to wake up the bourgeoisie from its undeserved early morning slumber. I concur.

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3 thoughts on “sky high

  1. Colors and composition are captivating, the large foot reminiscent of the feet of the Burghers of Calais and other Rodin sculptures. It is a contemplative painting here. The noise is something else– I despise construction noise and take it personally as a gift from the bad gods. Then, again, it can be incorporated into a story or poem.

    • What an interesting observation—I had never heard of this Rodin structure before, but I like the association. Especially since I have begun to exclusively write by speaking using dictation software, I am a lot more aware of the noise of the city. At the same time, just like you, I try to be less defensive about it: incorporating it into one’s art is a splendid strategy.

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