Hesse, obese American, Mario, Schmidt

Look what I discovered today among heaps of manipulative information. I wonder if this image created itself at random. It has got an accidental beauty to it. This kind of imagery cannot be conceived of. It’s like a visual rustle, a murmur of paper, felt pen and prejudice. In any case, while  I refuse all responsibility for this piece of found art, I’ll accept suggestions for the title.

There is just something special about making art, making anything, in the real world, without the help of digital tools: the roughness of the paper, the smell of the glue, the ruse required to move the pieces into their proper position, the irreversibility of it all, the thought “what if?” that has to be preserved for another attempt at mastering things, physical things connected with a myriad of other physical things, just as digital things are connected with one another, but not across the invisible divide: pixel or permanent, but never both.

Source: images from Der Spiegel 32/2012; paper, ink, felt pen, chutzpah. See also: Peter Watson, “The German Genius” (guardian review). Deutsche Version auf meinem deutschsprachigen Blog.

2 thoughts on “chutzpah

    • Excellent, I like it very much! The original title “Deutschland Supplement” has now given way to “You is You”, which was chosen by my dictation software. I’m increasingly looking at the computer as a friend. I just can’t come up with a good name for it/him. Sometime I thought it should be called MacCool, but I’m not so sure anymore, because I’m not Irish after all. I hope someone else will come up with a name for this collage.

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