The Ruffians

“The Ruffians, old superman and tisheús — A Modern Odyssey of Man.” Kick-off for the 2012 father-daughter summer kitchen sink drawing project. (Of course you know nothing about me, and why would you, and why should you. In our kitchen we have a very large blackboard, the old type, which doesn’t interact with you just because you put your grubby fingers all over it. This is where the family jointly composes shopping lists like vegetable operas. Every once in a while, an anarchic spirit moves into me. This is the emergence of The Ruffians, and my daughter happily joined me on this particular Cretaceous journey. As a character, Odysseus more often than not appears during these exploits, with unicorned flying dogs watching over him. Just like real life. “tisheús” is a mixture, the concoction of “tissues” and “Theseus”: all children should be free to mix mythological material with modern day implements.)

[First posted at 100 Days Of Summer at Plattenbau.]

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