A Serious Chair

They named a chair after me. I am psyched about this new recliner from the famous furniture store where everybody whom I know goes to get everything they need for their household. I almost built this chair myself (my wife actually did it, but I explained the instructions to her; though she claims I obstructed her, I remain convinced that my participation was essential). The chair is going to boost my creativity, I am sure. It even smells Swedish.

This month, the Interwebs, as some call this global network of callous creatives and suburban shopaholics, will publish a lot of Speh. The serious chair is an early, serious reward for all that and an investment in the future of my novel & my hopefully-to-be-published flash collection, bravely dubbed “the book” in the family & on this blog & now featured on Blue Print Review’s book blog (more about that soon).

—Out now: the fall issue of Wilderness House Literary Review (ed. Susan Tepper) with a lot of prose and poetry to survive in the wild. On board of the vessel: my “Three Questions“: Who, How and When.

But there’s more: just as exciting for me is the (last) return of the Serious Writer (you remember: the guy with the penis) in a multi-part bill:

— In October, Pure Slush (ed. Matt Potter) will publish “The Serious Writer And His Mother” and “The Serious Writer and his iPad“, both of which were written for the magazine, as well as “The Serious Writer And His Hamster“, “The Social Life Of The Serious Writer” and “The Serious Writer Cuddles Up“. Shot through with allusions and memory fragments from my own life, these five represent my last attempt to contribute to the “serious writer” phenomenon. (Potter says, I was the “featured author”, but it actually looks as if “the serious writer”, whoever he is, is the featured one. Some say he is the long lost Finnegan Flawnt, others maintain he is a figment of a feverish imagination concocted by throwing a bit of many writers into a literary cauldron…)

Atticus Review (ed. Katrina Gray) has published “The Last Story“, the last Serious Writer tale. It has always been one of my own favorite stories though not exactly the lightest. McSweeney’s held on to it bravely for 475 days and never told me what they thought. I think they got scared. Existentialism isn’t everybody’s cup of hemlock.

—Remember 52/250, the fantastic collaborative flash project (ed. Elvy, Chapin, Bjorkman) that ran for one year? The editors have published the last “Best Of” selection from all stories of the project’s last quarter, and my short “Message” is in it. The quarterly also contains a medley of the amazing art gathered in the course of this milestone online writing event.

But it’s not all “serious writer” all the time: I have received two nominations for “Best Of The Net 2011” (Sundress Publications) from Blue Fifth Review for “Cahiers du Cinéma” (poetry) and from Pure Slush for “In The Nude” (creative non-fiction). The irony being that I don’t see myself as either a poet or a cnf writer, but what gives, I can’t classify myself so I let experienced editors do it.

—What else? Ah, the Ann Quin issue no. 15 of > kill author includes “THREE BERG PASSAGES: A TRIPTYCH” of flashes. (Click on the picture on the left to find out “Who cares about Ann Quin…” & why you should.)

Recommended background reading for the Friends of Stream of Consciousness: Reading Ann Quin’s Berg” by Giles Gordon at Context No.8,  Dalkey Archives, Dublin.

…Otherwise this will be the last light headed post for a while since my teaching term is about to start…October lights indeed…time to crawl back on my new chair. Please check

the specifications

yourself & imagine me chasing the poetic wind on my curvy chair …

«There was little in this world that he considered worth buying.» (John Gardner, October Light)

7 thoughts on “A Serious Chair

  1. Wow, Marcus, look at all this stuff happening!  Glad you got the Serious Writer back.

    • thank you! the serious writer was invited back and i couldn’t do anything about it … love your name “A suffusion of yellow”. or are you suggesting i paint the serious chair yellow? it only comes in office black, alas. cheers!

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