The Complete Cast of 100 Days And Nights 1000 Years Ago

Finished “100 Days And Nights 1000 Years Ago“, my contribution to the 100 Days 2011 project. This was quite a romp & tough on me at times, though I’d been used to writing flash daily for a long time — without forcing myself, however, to publish drafts just barely beyond first contact…

In such a plot-free story (plot-free only overall, while every individual piece has got a micro plot) that grew over a period of 100 days, the cast of characters, actors and accidental visitors, deserve the highest praise for bringing the book on the road at all. Since my plotting & thinking & research all focused on the first millenium, most of my characters, some flat, some round, also lived 1000 years ago. These fabulous people, many of whom actually existed & all of whom should have existed, are, in the order of their appearance:

Gisela von Bayern (Gizella) | Gerbert D’Aurillac |Hont, Paznan and Vecelin von Wasserburg (Bavarian Knights) | A Medicus | Red-headed witches | Monks | Henry the Quarreler (Duke of Bavaria) | Father Finnegan | Colossus of Rhodos | The Holy Spirit | Belfries (Saxon steed) | Wärtling & Friedmaken (Vecelin’s swords) | Gisela’s mother | Abbess of the convent of Dargun | Stephan I of Hungary (Prince Vajk) | Semiramis of Babylon | Three travellers & adwarf | Gisela’s daimon | A Three-headed beakymonster (Baphomet) | Circe, Penelope & Ulysses | Tin Man, Tin Woman and Snake | A blind king | Monkey Boy | Ebenezer Smoltonson & his daughter Ebenezerdottir in the town of Hillzhhutghdanburgh & Houyhnhnms | Vladimir Nabokov & a butterfly | A horny choirmaster | Clusters of Angels | A distraught king | Myles Crawford | Pirates & Mermaids | Timothy Cabbage & Frantik the dwarf | Edna | Lucifer & Old Nick & Eros | The Last Lion King | The fire-man & the mayor & a girl | Imre | Monarch butterflies & Chinese policemen | Men on Mars | Mr Who (teacher) | The pig-dog | Minotaur & sleeping girl | Master Grammar | Emperor & Pope | Alexander & Bucephalus | Israhel & Ida | A Dragon | Mother | Monopod, Satyr, Blemmyae & Panotti | Uncle Thomas & City people | Man & dead woman | Butterfly Collector & Old Lepitopteran | Theodosius & Beowulf (Royal Gardeners) | Princess’ Lover | Hildegard (nun) | Falada (talking horse) & Bath Keeper | Father Mary & his murderers | Treasure hunters | Warlords & Queen Gizella & Five Butterflies | Toulouse Conscientia & Byzantina Nescius (witches) | Maestro & Artifices Magni | Ladies at Court | Girl On An Adventure | Aristotle & Old Librarian of Alexandria | Great Mother & Crone | Magyars | A Writer | Oracle gypsy | Common Woman | Norseman (Viking) | Melencolia | Old Warrior Learning To Read | Fox & Butterfly & Head Of Child | Mechanical Man & Eunuch | Witch Chair Constructor | Father In Heaven | Ego Bar A Hero | John & Christ & Old Church Visitors | General Tongue Collector | Musical Angels | Traveller To The Fountain Of Youth | Woman & Man & Slave | Stromboli Sideways (incubus) & Gorrnilla Gekarrterrakarrmer (succubus) | Subterranean Spiders & Toads & An Immortal Fish.

They seem to me to be “a proper mixture of characters” as required by E. M. Forster (“Aspects of the Novel“, 1927—which is btw one of the best books on writing I’ve ever read).

I had meant to turn these sketches into a novel, but it looks as if they wish to remain part of a mosaic as it were (& I’m short of time & I’m working on something else already)—so that I’m now going to edit them for a planned anthology of all my short stories.

Archive shot of the last story entries—each is accompanied by a piece of medieval or original art.

Update November 2011: I have now uploaded most of these sketches (except the ones that are under consideration by journals) at Red Lemonade.

Update July 2011: These and other micro pieces will be published as a mosaic novel under the title “Gizella” by Folded Word Press.

4 thoughts on “The Complete Cast of 100 Days And Nights 1000 Years Ago

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  2. What a tremendous undertaking. I can’t wait to get back to the convenience of my computer in Munich so I can read these.

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