i hate wasting time…

…but i’m generous with space, which is why i re-post my  reply to a post by richard nash at red lemonade. if my blog were intelligent, it would automatically grab anything & everything that i’ve ever produced & shove it app-like down your throat. but we’re not quite there yet, or google isn’t.—nash is a  pioneer of online publishing. he reposted parts of a blog post by novelist jenny davidson who talked about the issue of book promotion (& more)…causing a moderate avalanche of my own thoughts, alas…if you sense doubt here & there, don’t worry: i’m stable & i’m steadily writing 2000 words of my new novel every day & i’ve even publish sketches of the material during the 100 day 2011 project.

richard, i appreciate you reposting this and i have found jenny davidson’s blog to be very interesting – not only because she really does blog like a writer. i’ve fantasised myself in a recent essay what blogging for writers as a way of self promotion means & davidson does it well.

personally, i find that promoting myself using all that the net has to offer (blog, twitter, facebook, …. etc) zaps a lot of my writing energy. the price during the sommer months, when i’m free to write, seems too high. alas it is ever so tempting to shout something across the water instead of sit down and pound out another page of that next novel.

it rather pains me to see how even small presses do often not do much by way of (electronic) promotion of their authors (according to what i see via several writer friends). in my mind, the new publisher is much more of an agent, and much more highly networked and connected globally than any traditional publisher, and has got more clout and cleverness than the author him/herself. a lot of people are staring at the (e) book while, in my view, they had better focus on the author, who really is the medium.

i still don’t have a 5-year plan, i only have an army of demons who live forever (which i won’t, alas). i have reflections like claudius the stammering emperor described by graves, and online meditations like another emperor after whom i was named; i have high hopes for the next half decade; and i have no doubt that i’ll keep reflecting on these issues, with or without readers, because that’s perhaps the most magical effect of this online writing deluge: it gets people writing even if nobody’s listening…

Cheers & thanks for listening,
—Marcus Speh

Notes: red lemonade is a publishing space, editing corner, community and more. i’ve been a member for a while but as you know, or if you don’t know you do now, i don’t have much time for anything but flash fiction during term—so i haven’t really engaged with that site yet. but i do believe that it represents a true example of the new paradigm in publishing that so many clever people write about so much. how fast this new glorious time will arrive i don’t know but if you go and have a look at red lemonade at least you’re not going to be left behind…if i wasn’t already part of the 100 days 2011 project, i’d have published these excerpts/sketches there!

2 thoughts on “i hate wasting time…

    • you should check it out. you’ll find a lot of people there whom you know from elsewhere, like fictionaut, but redlemonade is a different beast. alas, not without that usual threshold…as with all these new creations, they take time and not having the time, well…is something we have in common. 

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