littérature engagée

which one is the uriginal urinal?

"my dear unknown american poet-pals  i've enjoyed reading all of yours over the past few days whenever there was time i came here to interrupt my incredible hard poetic labour and i made sure i went wherever anyone sent me who had something to contribute to this fascinating topic and because of all these tangents and entanglements it is no wonder that my contribution now may read like a machine post like the uttering of some web spider thing crawling all over your beautiful thoughts you wonderful young people but i did not want to leave you without something that marcel duchamp said and whatever you may say about duchamp or about stein and her abhorrence for the comma i hope you can still enjoy this: «art is not about itself but the attention we bring to it.» – some will disagree but wherever you stand i take my hat off to you for showing us how to make littérature engagée – some of you will think i'm taking the piss but i'm not at least not in one of duchamp's famous urinals. cheers from berlin a city where it rains more often than not lately (written between 08:47 and 08:55 while keeping the eye on the prize and listening to john cage's 4'33'') and see you in katmandu. – marcus speh berlin germany"

this is a repost of my commentary to a post-dada war tribunal “internet god” with over 95 responses as of today, initiated by kat dixon over at yesyes which i became aware of via amanda deo‘s post at thunderclap press with a detour past steve roggenbuck‘s and poncho peligroso‘s blogs. i knew of roggenbuck via frank hinton and i own a book by tao lin but dixon and poncho were new to me, thanks. everyone is so talented these days, and i mean that, it’s wonderful to see for an old conch like myself. not to come off a a patronising git or anything–i’ve got no clue, just curiosity–but i appreciate the belligerence and it helps me write. kudos, people.

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