Gastarbeiter: Sheldon Lee Compton

Playing cards with uncles: Sheldon Lee Compton.

Sheldon Lee Compton played poker with his uncles and paid attention: enjoy his dense story “Full House Falls, Drops A Flush“. Compton, whose full name makes me think of a bluegrass-playing confederate general, writes like a real man. He’s just been nominated for a Million Writers Award by Ramshackle Review for his story “Intruder” and now he’s here with a story and my reading of another.  Check it out and leave a comment for the writer who calls me ‘hoss’ & who’s got five tattoos.

A “Gas­tar­beiter” is an immi­grant worker espe­cially one who came to the for­mer West Ger­many in the 1960s and 1970s. Many of them stayed as immi­grants. Hav­ing helped to build a coun­try back up, they deserve to be hon­ored and remem­bered. We’re all gas­tar­beiter now.

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