Gastarbeiter: xTx

In her guest post, xTx, our friendly anonymous gastarbeiter, talks about the Olsen Twins and her new collection “Nor­mally Spe­cial” published by Tiny Hard­core Press and two of her sto­ries have just appeared in > kill author issue eleven. Check her post out and kindly leave a comment. There’s also a reading of her flash “Parts” by me.

A “Gas­tar­beiter” is an immi­grant worker espe­cially one who came to the for­mer West Ger­many in the 1960s and 1970s. Many of them stayed as immi­grants. Hav­ing helped to build a coun­try back up, they deserve to be hon­ored and remem­bered. We’re all gas­tar­beiter now.

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