kaffe kultur without AWPologies

Modelled after the Titanic: the kaffe’s interior.

Since discontinuing my facebook account and switching twitter to autopilot, I have been a busy bee helped along by some caffee … in case you didn’t hear: there’s a wonderful new venue in the world now, if I may say so myself: the kaffe in katmandu, sister site to the 1000 penguins (which have received a wonderful review here – thanks Andy!). It’s where you meet the Sadhus, the wandering holy men. They love the stuff we’ve put up at the kaffe, which is a writers’ collective: members (we’ve got > 30 already who’ve created > 70 pages) can post stuff, others can submit. The kaffe lives on links, photos, videos, music … it’s a common culture tapestry with a definite bend towards the literary life and a love for all things penguin. Since we went live two weeks ago, we’ve already had over 2000 unique visitors – soon we’ll have to hire more kitchen personnel!

Rejection, metamorphosis, poetry, photos, private penguin moments…nothing human is strange to us at the kaffe.

kaffe in katmandu is a place of group media experimentation where the collective is more important than the individual, where the ‘me’ is less than the ‘we’, and it is more open than facebook whose clique-ness and ad-space mentality has bothered me for quite a while now. Also, via Tumblr, the kaffe is continually connected to a myriad of dynamic sites and new media events not to mention thousands of (young, eager) readers. Don’t be a frog, join us. If you’re interested in membership, give me a holler! kaffe up!

PS: I’m also extremely stoked about placing a guest editorial at one of my (and many people’s) favorite, super-secretive webzine to come out next week accompanied (I hope) by a guest post of said magazine’s editor-spooks. My editorial in itself is a dadaistic experiment, a riff which was soooo much fun to do it’s almost not fair it should also be published. You’ve been warned. Watch this space.

[AWP? I don’t even know what I’m talking about: AWP is something in and out of A-merica, like A-tom bombs,  A-nti-abortion or A-wesome, something for writers who like A-dverse weather conditions. Remember: we’re in Europe. It’s raining here. Writers are on their own. Bleeding edge lonely. We don’t have MFAs but we have Queen & Pope & Mr Stephen Fry.]

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