Reading for Writers

Vladimir: making love while driving.

Reading in your teens. Reading in your 30s and your 40s. Reluctantly reading in your 60s. Reading on your deathbed. Rigorous reading. Not reading for a week. Not reading for a year. Reading only what you like. Reading what you’d like to write. Reading very slowly. Reading very fast. Reading in another language you understand. Reading in another language you don’t understand. Reading aloud. Reading aloud but whispering. Reading aloud but shouting. Being read to by your mom or dad. Reading with a running nose. Running while reading. Reading as an actor. Being read to by someone you want to have sex with. Having sex with someone while reading. Making love to someone who is reading. Making love to someone who read your book. Reading to a revolutionary. Reading the news. Dozing off while reading. Reading to write. Reading with a respirator. Reading thoughts. Reading in someone else’s room. Reading in someone else’s bed. Reading for business. Reading to be well read. Re-reading. Reading in Reading. Reading while rolling. Getting paid for reading. Reading, then writing, then reading some more. Reading e-books. Racing your friend to the bookstore, then reading. Reading in a library. Reading the bible. Reading with writer’s block. Reading in prison. Reading the Kaballah. Reading your soul. Reading the fine print. Reading penguin tracks in the snow. Reading as if for the first time. Reading your work. Reading your face when you read this.

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8 thoughts on “Reading for Writers

  1. What a great post. Got me all hot and bothered about reading. You encompass so much, so greatly. Now get me to a book!

    • thank you! – it’s not me encompassing so much, it’s the book, the language, the writing…i’m just recording. the session of the writing group for which i wrote this was great though, it is wonderful to talk to writers not about their writing but about what they’re reading!

  2. thanks for coming here, christopher, before being off again…i’ve been to reading (UK), it wasn’t remarkable. anybody should have a respirator. cheerio!

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