Radical Resurrection

Finnegan Flawnt (†)

It’s radical resurrection time on multiple channels today:

1. Meg Pokrass, list-driven queen of flash based in San Francisco, made a list for Finnegan Flawnt, who got lost mid-year like once Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – men on a mission. Read “When Finnegan left  Fictionaut“. And Meg’s got a new book out: “Damn sure right“, from Press 53.

2. I started another tumblr blog, “One Thousand Shipwrecked Penguins” (1ksp) – Flawnt came up with that name once. The first post,  “Electric Eyes” is dedicated to Anna who’s 18 this week and who got a lovely blog of her own: “Anna J Frost … the hundred dresses”. The weekly posts from 1ksp will also be shown in the sidebar on the right – enjoy! You can now also submit your own photos to accompany my flash.

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