Desperately seeking Schrödinger…

…is what I did in a previous incarnation of my self as a physicist. Happy days of searching. I was reminded of that when I wrote a review of Tina Hyland’s fiction “Schrödinger Equation” in issue 10 of > kill author – they ask new authors to comment on their colleagues’ work. This story is a particularly fine example of fiction stimulated and not strangled by science. Don’t miss it.

It’s been a bloggish couple of days at the Speh mansion – the other invasion happened over at Sheldon Lee Compton’s wonderful  “Bentcountry” retreat where I went on and on talking about making space. The guest post came out of the simple insight that I didn’t really listen to music or read books anymore for pleasure alone. There’s a professional aspect to it and that’s what I wrote about in “Cathedral“. Thanks, Shel.

“No self is of itself alone.”

said Schrödinger, a whimsical Austrian, somewhere. A good thing to remember as we go into the festive season. Thanks for listening – keep searching!

One thought on “Desperately seeking Schrödinger…

  1. Bent Country was more than happy to have you, old boy. The post has had a wonderful reception, many comments and many readings, not surprisingly. The “smashing cathedrals” still gets me just thinking about it. A grand piece.

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