Non Stop Comedy

News for the long long life. I help average people extra income through the internet and help others with their health and nutrition needs: follow me. Take 1 second and follow us to save lives. Non stop comedy. Just try this tried and tested program. We will customise therapies for you. B.S. Man!

You don’t know what to expect when you get up every morning, well or ill. You’re alone in your flat, breathing flatly, afraid of making a move in case it might be the wrong one. Nothing is easier than to flip that switch

The more followers the more lives we can save. If you need to loose weight contact me and I will rob you blind: follow me. Help slow the endless killing of cats & dogs in community shelters. Thank you for being you, you’re perfect! We specialise in a variety of physical rehabilitative modalities.

and tune into the global network of losers of time and energy, people
clicking away their fear as you do, who have equal trouble sitting still
and observe a spider wandering across the ceiling, or who have a cold,

I help individuals and business leaders to find their vision, master their life, and build their dreams now even if they have no idea what that vision is. Non stop comedy. Thank you for being you, you’re perfectly mediocre! I am a good guy. My satisfaction is helping others kill their dreams for good.

a runny nose, you know, perfectly harmless, but it makes them think of
death and how to avoid it and that they cannot run from it no matter what
they do, think, or how much money they spend, because no amount of

Experience the remarkable downtown Minneapolis hotel that takes style and service to breathtaking new heights at the Mastectomy City Center: follow me. We laugh alot but when there is work to be done. Get outta the way, arsehole. Seeking young cranky entrepreneurs. Buy that shit now or never.

karma points will let you live forever, and even your beautiful penis,
that industrious implement god gave you, which, in your imagination
may well be bigger and stronger than the next guy’s, will wither like

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a green branch in winter, it will dry up eventually, and the good news
is that this is just biology, that it is not only your right to be scared of
what may happen to you after you die but that it is a privilege, a

Coming Soon! Elite Adult Social Network 18+ Our appliances make clean & pure drinking water, from the air! We also produce sustainable energy solutions! Follow me! Dedicated to providing the best use of your time to make morons feel special! The Future is a Direct Result of Todays Actions.

lottery win across the entire universe, because here you are, a little thing,
a speck on the giant screen of nothingness, and your soul can reach out
without a sense of time or space, touching others and being touched

We Are The #1 Brain Substitute Company In Urban America. Follow me sideways and I will screw you over so bad you don’t know if you’re a girl or a boy or whatnot. All done automatically. Follow me and I will follow you back, I will haunt you so hard that your head will fall off you little dogshit.

by them. Don’t give this up lightly, consider the consequences of killing
dolphins and voting for the wrong candidate, lie to your superiors if you
must, but whatever you do: make choices, because you’re fucking free.

Non stop comedy: follow me.

Stop the comedy.

Follow me. Stop.

Stop me.


[This is some kind of aleatoric flash: for half of the text, I used profiles of people who were following me via twitter – all of them trying to sell me something. Several statements were changed by me, usually in an obvious fashion – mostly, there was no need because they were surreal enough. Headless stuff. I really enjoyed creating this collage. Hope you can enjoy reading it, too! -MS]

© 2010 Marcus Speh. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Non Stop Comedy

  1. Are no porn starlets following you? I had a plague of them after I posted a story about my sons talking about wedgies. You have plenty of weirdies as it is, I think. This made me laugh.

    • thank you! of course i’ve got porn starlets, drones of them. i’ve focused on the most annoying professional diet starlets.

  2. The wonderful thing is: I can’t tell where Finnegan Flawnt’s former fink followers finally finished.

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